10 bed mixed dorm room for the first time

January 26, 2018
10 bed mixed dorm room for the first time

I have spoken to a lot of females backpackers and when travelling they always choose mixed dorms and love it but I just couldn’t personally wrap my head around it. I have stayed in hostels before but always in female dorm rooms just because I have always been worried that I would feel uncomfortable.

However, the friends I am currently travelling with chose the place and room situation for our first leg of the journey and I agreed.

I agreed to a 10 bed, mixed dorm room with a shared bathroom. I was both excited to experience because I felt safer that I was going to be friends in case anything happened.

When going into out dorm room a few other travellers joined and everyone introduced themselves,  they were all very friendly and nice. We talked for a while about travel, where they have travelled from and they also gave us some top spots to see and travel advice. Later on, a few more people arrived and I was surprised to see such a mix of both female and male, solo travellers and groups of friends in our room.

I never felt unsafe and I am enjoying the experience.

There are lockers in our room, so all my valuables are safe and everyone seems to respect each others privacy and belongings.

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