Top 10 places to eat in Hanoi

July 23, 2019
Top 10 places to eat in Hanoi

1.Veggie Castle

This vegan, all you can eat buffet is incredible. It is located in two areas, one in Tay Ho and one in Ba Dinh. They’re open every day for lunch and dinner. The food is always different and there’s always a wide variety of dishes to try. This is probably my favourite place for the price you pay. You can also do take away and they give you a massive box which is honestly enough for two people. The price per person is 70k for the buffet but they also have a number of different drinks that range from 20k-50k (my favourite is the lemon mint).

Location: Số 19 ngõ 275 Âu Co or 7 Yen Ninh, Ba Dinh

2. La Studio

Located in Tay Ho this is my favourite vegan and environmentally friendly cafe of all time. The prices are low and the quality of food is unbelievable. There’s many different drinks and coffee options. They also have plenty of smoothie bowls, sandwiches, bagels and cakes. The best time to visit is early in the morning when they first open as it gets very busy around lunchtime. My favourite thing to get is the coconut iced coffee and one of the bagels! They also have the most amazing cinnamon scroll!

Location: 44 Lane 31 Xuan Dieu Hanoi

3. Belga Pizza

One of the best authentic Italian Pizza restaurants I have ever eaten at. Their dough is incredible and freshly made and there’s definitely a high quality of ingredients used to make their dishes. Apart from the pizzas, the pasta dishes are as equally delicious but I think my favourite food is actually the garlic bread! The prices here are more western ( about 180k for a margarita pizza) but it is definitely worth it!

Location: 225 Au Co Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District

4. Banh Mi 25

This little Banh Mi stand has gained great attraction and now has two different seating areas that are constantly packed out. The range of food on their menu is awesome as it covers vegans/vegetarians and meat lovers. Their price range is also great and fair for a Banh Mi, it’s from about 20k-50k and you can add avocado! They’re open every day and are busy almost all day. They also sell drinks and homemade ice blocks. My favourite is the oyster mushroom garlic sauce with added avocado.

Location: 25 Hang Ca, Old Quarter, Hanoi

5. Valhalla Grill

This little shop is located on the main street in Tay Ho. They have loads of burgers and side options and the prices are super cheap. They have a vegan burger (falafel) and a vegetarian burger (pulled jack fruit) as well as all their meat options. My favourite would be the pulled jack fruit burger which is 59k and to add a side of fries is 29k. They are open all day until late at night and get busy during dinner time.

Location: 40 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho

6. Com Pho Chay Tu Bi

Out of everywhere I have eaten this place has the cheapest prices and its all vegan! It’s located off a fairly busy road down one of the side streets and it’s only a small little shop. The owners are probably the friendliest people I have ever met and they always remember who I am when I eat there. Although they don’t have much on the menu you can rest easy knowing its all vegan and delicious. My favourite is the Pho which is made on a mushroom broth with pieces of mushroom inside for only 25k.

Location: 30 Ngo Truc Lac, Truc Bach, Ba Dinh

7. The Hanoi Social Club

I wasn’t too sure about this place when I looked it up but was pleasantly surprised when I ate there the first time. They have a large drink and food menu suitable for all dietary requirements. They’re a few different levels with the lighting dim and the mood quite relaxing. This is a great place to eat alone or with a date as the table sizes are quite small. A few days a week they have live performances and also host many events. The food portion sizes are massive and every time I have eaten there the food has been unique and delicious!

Location: 6 Hoi Vu, Hoan Kiem Hanoi

8. Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant

From what I am aware of there are two of these restaurants, one in the old quarter and one in Tay Ho. The amount of different foods you can eat here is incredible. Most of the dishes are traditional Vietnamese meals but made vegan. They also have caramel custard as a dessert and I highly recommend trying that! The prices are a bit higher than local but are definitely cheaper than western. Most dishes are around 70k and I suggest getting a few different ones to try and sharing them. I have also met the owner from here and he is the nicest old man. He is incredibly passionate about the environment and said his whole family is vegan!

Location: 30 Ma May, Hanoi (Old Quarter) or 45 Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho

9. Tokyo Deli

This is a really lovely and Japanese authentic restaurant with a few levels as they sometimes get busy at dinner time. They have a great range of drinks and meals to choose from including a massive range of sushi. I have eaten here a few times and always get the avocado sushi with either the udon mushroom fried noodles or udon mushroom noodle soup. The prices range depending on the meal however it is definitely worth it for the experience in the restaurant and the quality of food.

Location: D2 Building, Giang Vo Street, Ba Dinh District

10. Gazpacho Salad Bar

This salad bar is actually connected with a yoga studio and they also sell a few natural products. It is located down a few side streets in a residential area so if it’s your first time going, it can be a little confusing. Once you’re on the correct street, walk down until you find ally 49 (as seen in the photo) you then walk through here and turn right, follow that around until you find number 8! If you have any issues just call their phone number and they will help direct you.

I usually get delivery when ordering from here and they have so many options! If you just search them up on facebook and then click the link to their website, that’s then the easiest way to order and get food delivered. There’s either a ‘make it yourself’ option where you can literally add almost anything to the salad or they have set salads. They also have wraps, smoothie bowls, drinks and cakes. My favourite has been doing the base of the salad with baby spinach then adding a whole heap on top like avocado or pumpkin and I also love their apple crumble smoothie. The prices range on the sizes and the add ons, however it is typically around 60k-100k.

Location: 49 / 8 Van Bao Hanoi

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