How I spent $10 (AUD) a day for a week in Kuala Lumpur

April 5, 2018
How I spent $10 (AUD) a day for a week in Kuala Lumpur

I will eventually be making a Youtube video on this cause I filmed my week in Malaysia living off $10 a day, but for now I will write a post on how exactly this is possible and how I did it.

To start off with, this isn’t including accommodation. If you are wanting to do Kuala Lumpur as cheap as possible you probably could include accommodation and spend $10 a day but you will be eating 2-minute noodles and toast everyday.  I stayed at a hostel that was $13 a night, which I regretted afterwards. I am now at the point in travelling that a $20 hostel a night is the same as a $5 hostel a night with a few minor exceptions, so after this hostel I started booking the cheapest hostels.

Kuala Lumpur city is HUGE, and to get around you should either use the train system or get an Uber (if there is a group of you). You can also walk around to a lot of places which makes it a lot cheaper and it’s great exercise! A train ride will cost from $1 upwards, and a ten minute Uber ride will cost around $3.

Attractions in Kuala Lumpur range from being free to hundreds of dollars, so if you on a tight budget don’t pay to do anything. We spent most of our time walking around the city and window shopping and just experiencing the culture which was great. One day we went to the National Art Gallery which was free and another day Laura went to the Batu Caves which was also free. Going to night markets are free and they usually have really cheap food, also seeing all the main landmarks like the twin towers.

For food we either did one expensive meal and then a cheap meal or two decent priced meals a day. Our hostel provided breakfast each morning, but otherwise you can buy a loaf of bread for $1 or a few apples for $2, or just wait till lunch time to eat. At the start of the week we went to a grocery store and bought a bag of five packs of 2-minute noodles for $1.55, some avocados for $2 and a loaf of bread $1. A few times we ate the noodles and avo on toast as a meal, otherwise we went out to eat. When we went out to eat we either ate street food or went into a cafe/restaurant. We ate a few pricey meal that were $5-$6 but they would of been the same price as a $20 meal in Australia (so they were really good meals). Other times we ate Pizza Hut and Subway which was ridiculously cheap, only a few dollars. Then the most cheapest meals was out at markets, usually I just got fried rice which would cost $2. We also got free filtered water at the hostel which was great but if you need to buy a bottle of water, it’s less than $1. We didn’t just eat 3 small meals a day, I got sugar cravings all the time and still had enough money to buy ice-cream, chocolate and other snacks. I did find though that snacks are the same price as a cheap meal, so it’s better not to waste money on it.

Malaysia is an incredible cheap country to live and travel around in, I would highly recommend visiting, on whatever budget you have!

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