October 2, 2017

I remember when my cat was just a little kitten.

I took her home and I thought I could never love anything more than her, we were going to be best friends and I was going to take the best care of her.

I remember how adventurous she use to be, she would want to stay out all day and would only come back inside when it was time for her to eat. One time, there was a large dog out the front of our garden and she ran after it down our front garden then down the other neighbours gardens… she just of been full of adrenaline or cat nip. She was young and fearless, nothing scared her. She owned the street, she made friends and enemies but they all new their place.

As time went on, she was taught love and obedience, however I still remember the times when the only thing that would allow me to catch her when she was outside was the sound of the whipped cream can and her love for the sweet sugar she would indulge in. She was a very smart kitten, she knew how to climb the fly screen door when she got excited, she knew how to get around the neighbour hood and she knew to always come home because she was loved. She was so smart, I even taught her how to sit!

Years went by, I moved house many times and she became more scared and unsure. She still enjoys her little trips outside, in the sunshine and on the green grass. Although most times I sit outside and watch her, like I am doing right now because I  love watching the happiness she shows when she is free.

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