Don’t Over Pack!

September 16, 2017
Don’t Over Pack!

I recently went on my first long trip to Europe and I bought a big 70L hiking back that was specially designed so it worked more like a suitcase to fit more in. Although a great design, I struggled with the size and weight of it when I had to walk for long distances when I was overseas.

Choosing the right bag is extremely important.

Now when I packed my bag, I had a mountain of clothes over flowing which in the end I left because I couldn’t fit it in, but I still had packed too much for my trip. You have to be really smart about packing and thinking about if you really want or really need that item because there is a difference. Do I want those heels incase I go out one night, so I look taller? Or do I really need those hiking boots because I know I will be hiking in the mountains for a week? The trick is to be practical and realistic, you need to pack what you know you will need and use.

I also recommend not packing your valuables or favourite clothes because many times I have left my favourite jumper or sunglasses somewhere like a hotel or at the beach.

Another mistake I made was when I booked smaller flights in Europe before I Ieft for the whole trip, I just assumed my bag would be 20 kilos so paid extra, when actually my bag only ended up weighing 14 kilos. Therefore, I could have saved myself $20-$30 on each flight.

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