10 things you must experience in Oahu!

October 4, 2017
10 things you must experience in Oahu!
  1. Go to the Dole Plantation and buy a Pineapple ice-cream!

The Dole Plantation is a great place to visit for all ages with s a range of activities. It is free to enter, but then there is a price to go on the train tour, garden tour or explore the garden maze. I would highly recommend the train tour, it takes you throughout the property and you are told about the history of the plantation and the work they do. You also can’t leave without buying a Pineapple ice-cream!


  1. Eating at a Shrimp Truck

The best Shrimp you will ever eat is at one of these trucks parked on a main road in the middle of no-where. Here you can choose a range of selections, all coming with rice and a slice of pineapple. My personal favourite is the garlic sauced shrimp!


  1. Koko Head Railway Track

An old railway track that is up the side of a mountain is something you will never experience anywhere else in the world! You will need to be fit to make it to the top because it gets steeper and steeper the higher you get. However, you are rewarded at the top with the most incredible view of the whole island.


  1. Shaved Ice

Weird but amazing! Shaved ice is a massive thing in Hawaii due to the hot weather. In some shops people will line up to wait for their shaved ice treat. There is the option of the traditional shaved ice or you could get creative and get condensed milk and fruit on top!

  1. Hanauma Bay State Park

The only way to get here is by a booked tour or by car, but it one of the most amazing natural places I have ever seen and would highly recommend visiting! It costs $7.50 to enter the park and all visitors have to watch a video on the safety and wellbeing of the park and reef. Although one of the most popular places to relax on the beach, a lot of people choose to go snorkeling of the beach where it is common to see sea turtles and other marine life.


  1. Ted’s Bakery- Sunset Beach

I have never eaten a pie that tastes so good! This little bakery, opposite the beach is always packed out for good reasons. They serve a range of bakery treats with the most famous being a slice of cream pie.


  1. Waikiki Beach and Main Strip

This is the place where tourists from all over the world stay, shop and suntan at the beach. There are a range of hotels along the water front, and apartments a few streets down. Everything is in walkable distance, including the Honolulu Zoo right down one end. In the main mall they always having fun and free activities for children and families to do such as making the famous Hawaiian leis with fresh flowers. There is a public bus which goes through most of Waikiki and surrounding areas which only costs a few dollars and is an easy option for transport.


  1. Diamond Head

This is a big and free tourist attraction, close to Waikiki Beach. An easy 30-50min walk to the top in which you can see all the way past Waikiki and around the coast line. To get here you need either a car or to go on a tour due to the starting point being a long walk up a hill.


  1. Water Activities

Oahu is the place to be if you want to do any sort of water activities. I did Scuba Diving and a tour package which included swimming with turtles and it was AMAZING. There are many sorts of tours and packages you can buy all over the island to do any water sport or activity you can think of. One reason a lot of tourists travel to Oahu is to visit the beach and it is definitely worth it, they have some of the best beaches and surf in the world.


  1. The Cheesecake Factory, Waikiki

Some of the best food I have ever eaten was in here! Not only is their world famous cheesecakes to die for but their main meals, and service is great. I would highly recommend visiting this restrauant, although be prepared to line up for a while during the busy periods throughout the day.



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