How you can save $100’s on food whilst travelling

January 14, 2018
How you can save $100’s on food whilst travelling

Food… everyone loves eating, especially when overseas. There is so much to try and experience whilst being immersed in a new culture. However, so much money can be easily wasted on it!  Below is some of my personal experiences and ways I saved a ton of money by not eating so much whilst traveling and being smart with my food money.

  1. Be stingy!- The best way I can afford to travel in general is that I make myself be stingy and always think about how to save money, this can apply to food as well. Avoid fancy restaurants, avoid over priced meals, avoid buying a drink at every meal, avoid buying too much food you can’t even finish eating.
  2. Listen to your body- Something I have learnt the last year is to eat when my body tells me I’m hungry and not when I’m bored or feel like I have too. One reason the world is becoming more and more obese is because food is everywhere all the time. You need to realise that you are what you eat and you can survive on the healthy basics without ordering a pizza, fries, ice-cream just for lunch. During my previous trip to Europe I got into the pattern of having a late breakfast which was either some fruit or pastries (something cheap and small), then I wouldn’t be hungry until later in the day where I would buy a cheap lunch (maybe a salad or sandwich). I would then be so exhausted from the day I would fall asleep early or go and find something cheap for dinner, all up I would spend maybe 10-15 euros in meals for the day.
  3. AVOID ALCOHOL- It doesn’t matter where you are in the world (maybe except for the Philippians where its under $1) alcohol is always expensive and a waste of money. A part from alcohol buying any drinks in general you can save money on. If your traveling through Europe and want table water they will charge you for a bottle of either flat or sparkling water ranging from 5-10 euros.
  4. Make your own food- A great way to save money if your staying in the one place for a while and possibly have your own kitchen is to make your own food. The ideal meals could range from making sandwiches to a cup of noodles to making a salad.
  5. Be Vegetarian!- Before coming vegetarian this was something I did when I went overseas (especially to Asia) naturally because I knew the food would be safe to eat and the meals were always cheaper without meat.




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