Good VS Evil

February 15, 2018
Good VS Evil

Thoughts from visiting the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields in Cambodia today…

In movies, make believe, stories, they all tell us what evil is like.

It is something that good always conquers, something that is bad but not indescribably horrible and most importantly something that isn’t real.

But everything we have ever been taught, read or watched is a lie.

Have you ever realised that evil people exist not just good people.

Evil is real and it ends in death.

How can society make it normal for us to believe that it is something that could never hurt us or would never happen to us?

It happens everyday.

There are people out in the world that are so evil it runs through their veins.

Genocides, tortures, killings. How could a human being do such horrible things to another human being? But it happens. It’s evil and evil is the devil. It’s satan and satan exists.

Life isn’t some fairy tale or a hollywood movie where good conquers evil. Evil is real and it is all around us. There are evil people in every country, all around the world. Right now there are people being killed, raped, kidnapped, sold.

What an evil world we live in.

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