Guide to the Elephant Mountain Trail

March 11, 2018
Guide to the Elephant Mountain Trail
Why should I go? 
This has to be one of the best views I have seen of a city anywhere and it's free!

The Elephant Mountain Trail is also known as Xiangshan or Nangang District Hiking Trail and is located a short walk from the MRT, Xiangshan station. If your up for a longer walk, walk from Taipai 101 station through the city for a few blocks, you will get to see more of the city and culture.

The best time to walk up the mountain is in the late afternoon before sunset, however be prepared for the crowds of people especially on the weekends. The great thing about this trail is that so many of the locals do it for the exercise up all the stairs (it helps motivate you!). 

I would also like to note that this walk is up hundreds of stairs and can be dangerous if raining because it is quite slippery. To put the intensity of the walk into perspective, I am a fairly fit person and by the time I made it up the top I was sweating and out of breath. Therefore, be aware and prepared before you set off on this walk. That’s not to say not to do it because I would definitly recommend doing it! 

Along the walk up the top there are a variety of other trails leading all over the mountain, so make sure you don’t get lost. There are a few signs here and there, but the aim is to keep walking upwards, not to the sides. Usually you can just follow the crowd of people. 

What to pack:

  • Water
  • Camera
  • Directions there
  • Easy Card for the train
  • Hat
  • Wear good shoes



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