My experience of getting a last minute Vietnam Visa from Australia

January 25, 2018

I am writing this because I found it so confusing and stressful when I was trying to organise my visa to Vietnam. Basically all the information I looked up was wrong, didn’t make sense or contradicted other sources.

The most important advice I can give you is don’t leave it to the last minute and no matter what country your travelling too call the embassy in Australia and get the correct information! (This is what we figured out right at the end -.-)

Yes, you can get the visa in Vietnam but from what I’ve seen and heard it looks complicated and confusing and worst case scenario you don’t want to get told you have to go back.

There is a new E-Visa for Vietnam, but don’t trust ANY websites except for the link from the Australian Smart Traveler page. There are hundreds of scam pages online! If you do decide to do the E-Visa from what I believe  it can only be for the single entry and it still takes a few days to process.

The old fashioned way but most used way of sending it to the embassy is the best way of doing i.t. However, you need to leave at least 1-3 weeks for it to process and to get the visa and your passport back. There is an Vietnam embassy in Canberra, but there is also one in Sydney (which I didn’t realise). Therefore, if you live locally, you can easily go in, fill out the paper work, pay and then go back to collect it or have it posted out to you.

There is also a Passport Photo Machine in the office which is actually cheaper than getting the photos done at the Australian Post Office.

In my case, I needed a last minute visa because I had literally left it a couple days until I left to go overseas. My friends and I drove down to the city and the process was very easy but expensive. We filled out the sheet of paper, printed out some passport photos and put one photo on the form (they have pens, scissors and glue to use). We then waited in line to hand it in. For us it cost $210 because we needed a 3 month multi-entry visa (it was about $60 extra for fast processing it). We then went and got something to eat (about 30min), went back in and it was ready for pick up.

Make sure you double check the dates they put on the visa in your passport before you leave.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions x

Australian Smart Traveller Link:


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