Late Night Thoughts

March 24, 2018
Late Night Thoughts

I feel like my mind never switches off, I am always thinking and always overthinking.

As I lie here and wonder about the future which is so unclear,
I think about all the endless possibilities I could choose from because I am lucky enough to have the freedom and education to do so.
I am lucky enough to be able to work and save or to study, travel, or to do whatever I want.
Except whilst I dream about this, I also think about all the millions of people that can’t even afford to think about a future because they don’t even know if they will survive the next day, week, month or year.
They have to think about how they will survive on what little they have. How they will provide for their families when they only make enough money to provide for themselves. How they could never afford to go to school or even have the opportunity because they need to work just to survive.

We live such privileged lives, we get so caught up in the endless opportunities around us, which we are lucky to have. However, need to remember that there are so many unlucky people in the world that only live to survive.

You live for pleasure
Whilst they live to survive.


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