June 30, 2019

Living is such a normal thing. We are conditioned to do the same as everyone else depending on what culture we are brought up in but those few individuals that break away, they’re the ones that live incredible lives.

I just cannot imagine living a life of working so hard in a job I am not passionate about to just one day die. Like what’s the point.

I want to live to feel alive. I want to continually take chances and not settle for something that is half full. I believe life is an extraordinary gift given to every single human and it is something to take care of.

We don’t hold the future in our hands, we don’t know the day or time we are going to die, it could literally be at any moment. So why waste time being caught up in downward spirals or getting so busy you don’t even have a moment alone.

Live life everyday like its your last.

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