Living in the present

January 15, 2020
Living in the present

I guess this is another one of those cliché posts all over the internet about why you should choose to live in the present rather than holding onto the past or worrying about the future.

Today I went through some of my old photos I had taken throughout High School that were saved on my hard drive and boy did I have a great life growing up. I had some fantastic friends, experiences and adventures all throughout High School. What I do remember from when I was 15-18 years old was how quickly I wanted to grow up and how I pretty much took most things for granted.

Since High School (it’s been over 5 years now) my life has been a crazy adventure/ mess which I imagine everyone goes through. However, the hardest reality has been those relationships/ things I use to take for granted are now gone and it’s honestly hard to heal and move on from that previous chapter in life. You see, if I knew how my life would change as I do now, I would have had a different perspective and gratitude for things back then. Family is probably the biggest thing and I feel like if I knew what was to happen I probably would have done a lot of things differently and made more moments special.

But hey that’s life… we don’t get to know our futures so I think the most valuable thing is to live each day in the present and to never take anything or anyone for granted. Our lives are a spec of dust compared to the time frame of the earth which is crazy but so true so don’t waste any opportunities to live an extraordinary life. I also think there isn’t any point in dwelling in the past because it’s happened and you need to move forward. It’s also important to remember that every experience helps shape who we are as individuals so sometimes a bad experience is a lesson learnt for future situations.

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