A few days spent in Mediterranean

January 10, 2018
A few days spent in Mediterranean

Malta is a beautiful country to explore and to get to know its past history and culture. Located in the Mediterranean, close to Sicily it has a lot of Italian influence and a lot of the locals either speak Maltese or Italian.

There is a lot of stunning architecture to see and historical buildings all over. Most tourists visit Valletta, St Julians and Gozo, but there are many more stunning locations to visit whilst staying in Malta.


There are a range of water activities and tours to do right across the country, and due to it being an affordable location the day tours include a lot for the price. I went on a day boat tour which cost around 20 euros and it included unlimited drinks and a buffet lunch. I would highly recommend doing a day tour out on the water!

Day Boat Tour

The water is crystal clear and the coastline is beautiful. On the day tour I went on, we stopped at a spot where a lot of tourists visit, which had little food vans and the atmosphere was great. If you swam across from the main land, there was a little island and massive cliff where people were jumping off and it looked incredible. The one regret I had from my Europe trip was not jumping off!

Cliff Jump

There was a wide range variety of food, however similar to Italy in most restrauants a lot of the choices was Pasta, Pizza, Salad. However, Malta is known for the pastries and you can’t stay in Malta without trying a Pastizz which normally only costs 1 euro. I also had the best slice of pizza in my life at one of the pastry shops!

Daily Cost: 20-50 euros

Accommodation: 50-70 euros

Transport: Car, Taxi or Bus

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