Mekong River Day Tour

February 2, 2018
Mekong River Day Tour

After paying about $12 (AUS) for our day tour which we booked at our hotel (otherwise on the streets there are hundreds of shops you can make a deal with), we were off with a bunch of other tourists to visit the Mekong River.

On the tour bus

We started our tour with visiting a Buddhist Temple which had massive Buddha status’ all around the temple. There was a laughing Buddha and a sleeping Buddha. This was one of the main temples that tourists visit whilst staying around Ho Chi Minh City. There were many women walking around trying to sell items to you, they were very pushy but you just have to ignore them and walk away.

After another hour of driving, we then boarded a small boat onto Mekong River and went over to an island where there was a coconut Work shop and they use different parts of the coconut like the coconut milk to make sweet toffee lollies. They were also selling coconut ice-cream which was only 10,000 VND (0.54c AUS) and tasted creamy and delicious.

After this we got back onto the boat and went to another island to have lunch which was included in the tour. It was the choice between Tofu, vegetables and rice or Pork, vegetables and rice. It was small and simple but full of flavour. On the menu they had at the restaurant you could order fish, snake, crocodile, ostrich, turtle, eel and some other animals. I have found it very interesting how many different animals are a delicacy in Vietnam. After lunch we saw there was an old, thin, bamboo bridge over a swamp in which Bianca and I straight away decided we had to experience crossing it. It was pretty scary because I didn’t want to fall into the disgusting swampy water but so worth it when we both made it and got awesome footage on our GoPros!

We then went to another island where we got to taste honey and lemon tea. After this we went to our final destination to try some different local fruits and have some locals sing to us. We then made our way to the little banana boats that took us to our big boat out in the open waters. The little boats could hold 4 tourists and then one local one each end to paddle through the busy river. We got to wear the local hats and it was a pretty amazing experience.

Bianca Paddling

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