How much money did I spend staying in London for 7 days?

October 20, 2017
How much money did I spend staying in London for 7 days?

During my recent trip to Europe this year I was fortunate to get free accommodation for the week I stayed in London (shout out to Amber & Vanessa). However if you are looking at staying in London and have to pay for accommodation then unfortunatly thats where most of your money will go. I would recommend looking into staying at an AirBnb or Hostels, due to hotels being at least $100-$150 (US) a night.

In my opinion, London is one of the most expensive places to travel too or even live, especially coming from Australia. Due to the exchange rate you basically have to double the price of everything that is in pounds to what you are then spending in the AUS dollar. Although some things are a lot cheaper, like groceries or souvenir shopping; there are still a lot of things that double in price due to the exchange rate.

Whilst I was in London for the week, I had budgeted $1,000 (AUS) to cover for food, activities, travel, drinks etc. Surprisingly I only ended up spending half of that!!! That was partly due to how the week turned out and that I didn’t do any touristy activities that actually cost money and because I was backpacking Europe I literally couldn’t fit anything else in my bag.

I think I bought a 30 pound (approx) travel card and then just had to pay for food, drinks and anything else I needed to buy.

Food & Drinks: 


Pad Thai- £10


Hot chocolate – £3.55

Vegan lunch- £7

Groceries- £14

Scroll- £3

Lunch- £5

Water- £1

Dinner- £26.80

Groceries- £3.50


Alcohol- £6.50


Groceries- £5.65


Drink- £3

Hot chips- £5

Pizza- £15

Pizza snack- £6


Lunch – £20

Drinks- £45

Lunch- £5

Hot chocolate & cake- £5

Dinner- £15

Plane food- £5

=£263.20 ($450.00) 

So in the end, I ate some really cheap meals, but I also had some really expensive meals.

I think though if I was to do another week or two in London and have to pay for accommodation and all the extra add ons I would need at least $1,200-$1,500 to be comfortable, but honestly it’s up to you and how you spent your money.

London is worth ticking off the bucket list!

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