‘Trek4change’ Nepal in 10 days partnered with Baptist World Aid

January 10, 2018
‘Trek4change’ Nepal in 10 days partnered with Baptist World Aid

My experience of Nepal was with a tour group partnered with Baptist World Aid Australia to go over and get a taste of the cuture, customs and food whilst also going on a four day hike through the Himalayas and visiting rural areas that Baptist World Aid had partnered with that were local organisations which implemented programs in the community.

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and has all the hustle and bustle of any main city. There was a lot of cars driving around and a lot of people everywhere. One thing I was shocked by was how cheap everything was in the shops; there was jewellery shops, clothes shops, hiking wear shops and it was all extremely cheap! There was also a lot of great restaurants and cafes, with so much to see and do in the surrounding areas, with many options for private tours or hiking tours you could organise in one of the shop fronts.

Tomatos to sell

Pokhara is a small populated town, still in the middle of Nepal, about 200km away from Kathmandu. It’s the start destination if your going to go hiking through the Annapurna Circuit, which is a popular hiking trail in the Himalayas. However, if your not going hiking this town has less hustle and bustle of Kathmandu City, but is full of the surrounding serenity of nature and the Lake called Phewa.

Although you might get sick of eating the same cuisine, you will never get sick of eating Momos! Less than $2 for a big plate, freshly made and cooked. Nothing in Australia beats this!


Part of my tour was to trek part of the Annapurna Circuit for 4 days, which was one of the best challenging but rewarding experiences of my life. These are the figures I wrote on my phone from each day:

Day 1- 

6hr 20min

24,000 steps



9hr 45min

34,000 steps


Day 3-

5hr 50min

22,000 steps

14 km

Day 4-

1hr 30min

7,500 steps


The only way to describe what it was like, is through photos:

And that still doesn’t give it justice to what it was like.

There were many animals, most not restrained. To name a few there were: horses, cows, ox, donkeys, sheep, snakes, dogs, cats and I came so close to so many! Each day we were walking up, up and up then down, down and down the mountains, eventually your legs just got numb from the pain. We stayed at little basic tea houses and ate dahl, rice, noodles and pancakes.

Being surrounded by such amazing natural beauty is something I will never forget and to meet so many kind hearted locals that would walk all day to collect food, water, supplies was really incredible. Even the children that live throughout the small villages would spend a few hours each day walking to a school if they were fortune enough to even go to school.

Woman carrying hay

Although these people that live in the Himalayas don’t have a lot, they have some of the kindest souls in the world.


Daily cost: $20-$30 (AUS) a day

Accommodation: $30- $50(AUS)

Transport: Buses, Taxi, Walking



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