Las Vegas

January 10, 2018
Las Vegas

Surprisingly Las Vegas was a lot nicer and cleaner than what I imagined. If you’re going to travel here you’re going to need a decent amount of money due to the high-end shops and restaurants.

Basically, all the hotels are themed and have casinos on the ground level. The more glamorous the hotel the more expensive it’s going to cost to stay there. I found that most of the hotels have a base rate for the room which makes it look a lot cheaper but then they add on the pool and facilities which all guests have to have and that adds an extra $20-$40 to the cost per night.

Out on the main strip, thousands of people are walking up and down, this is more packed at night time when its cooler and out on the street there are always people selling tickets to shows and events.

If you decide to gamble (which is one of the main reasons people visit), it’s the place to be with many different games to play which could occupy you

all day and night. However, if your not there to gamble there are plenty of other activities for all ages to enjoy! There are massive shopping centres, theme parks, health & beauty shops for relaxation… there really is everything there.

If you’re just dropping in to get a taste of Vegas (which is what I did) I would recommend only staying for a few nights.

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