Length of Trip: 10 days

Chiang Mai:

A city in northern Thailand, surrounded by mountains and natural wonders.

Dwelling in this city is the many different temples and Buddha statues that are globally famous and are one of the main tourist attractions that bring people into Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has honestly been one of my favourite places to visit! Apart from the great people I travelled there with, I got to encounter an authentic Thai experience and lifestyle. Although considered a touristy area, the prices in Chiang Mai are a lot more cheaper than other main locations like Bangkok or Phuket within Thailand.


Food Markets

There is a lot to do in Chiang Mai, my highlights were visiting the local night markets, visiting elephants and visiting the Sticky Waterfalls in the national park. However, when visiting places that have animals like elephants and tigers please do your research before hand and go to a place that treats the animals right and take care of the animals.

Sticky Water Falls

Daily Cost: 700 Thai Bahts

Accommodation: 500-1000 Thai Bahts

Transport: Tuk Tuk, Taxi, Bus, Walk

Length of Trip: 10 days


One of the most popular places to travel to for the beach and sun, Phuket is a tourist hub.

If you stay down at the main beaches and shops the prices are very expensive. When I was spending the day at Patong Beach, I had a lady ask me if I wanted a Henna Tattoo which I calculated to cost $70.00 (AUS)! That would of been because some tourists wouldn’t understand the exchange rate so the locals confuse them into buying things that they think might seem cheap but really are very expensive. Likewise, I found that some prices for things such as water, a main meal or a shirt was over double the price of the exact same thingsI had bought in Chiang Mai. So my advice when staying in that area is try not to stay in areas like Patong or other really populated known tourist spots because everything is going to be more expensive.

Botanic Gardens

Drinks for Sale

I was lucky enough to get on a speed boat and spend a few days on Phi Phi Island, and OMG it was amazing! It was like a tropical paradise on this tiny island, I went swimming, snorkelling, went on a boat ride, I had so much fun there. Apart from Phi Phi, there is a whole bunch of other islands you can travel to for the day from Phuket or to stay for a few nights, which I would highly recommend doing.

Phi Phi Island

I really enjoyed staying in Old Phuket town and walking around the streets and markets there. There were some great cafes with delicious food and also some quirky places like a cat cafe that I went into and you could have a coffee whilst playing with cats! Another option is to pay a tuk tuk/ taxi driver to take you around for the day to the main spots for $10-$30 (AUS) each.

Daily Cost: 900 Thai Bahts

Accommodation: 800-1000 Thai Bahts

Transport: Tuk Tuk, Taxi, Bus, Walk