How to stay positive and happy

August 10, 2018
How to stay positive and happy

The past few years have been a roller coaster for me.

I was always a happy child/ teen, had everything I needed and had loving and supportive parents, family and friends. It wasn’t until the last year of University (2017) where a few dramatic events happened and I started feeling quite overwhelmed with anxiety/depression and stress. I have always had some form of anxiety at a younger age after my parents divorced but when these traumatic things happened which I was not expecting, it took a massive toll on my mental and emotional health. I can say that Christmas in 2017 was the lowest point of my life so far. To explain a litter more, I was working full-time in Sydney but hated my work because I was treated badly and couldn’t deal with other events that had happened earlier that year which just added to everything I was currently going through.

However thinking about it now in 2017 I still managed to travel to Europe for 6 weeks, travel to America for 2 weeks, buy a great car and finish my degree. Except when your in that spiral of depression you don’t see any of the good, you really don’t think about anything.

My positive turning point was when I finally left the job I had in Sydney and travelled to Asia for 3 months at the beginning of 2018 with two of my close friends. On that trip, I learnt so much about myself and the world around me. I embraced everything and met some amazing people from all over the world. I decided that 2017 was a bad year but I was not going to give in to those feelings and just feel bad for myself. I have always been a determined person, so that helped with everything I wanted to achieve for the future.

Here are some things that I do now to help stay positive and happy in life x

God has got you!

I always struggle with this because I feel so lonely and it doesn’t feel like God is there but then there have been those little moments of realisation or when I read my bible/pray when I feel comfort from him and remember that he IS always with me.

Every day think about something you are grateful for

This is one of the biggest things for me that I will continually think about and tell people to do. Due to the amount of travelling I have done and also to some really poor countries, I am so aware of how lucky I have it and it makes me not take anything for granted. I hate being in such a materialistic society and really disagree with it. To live a happy and full life you don’t need “things” or heaps of money or the latest technology. Live a life you are proud of and grateful for because it is God who provides these necessities for us.

Take time out of your busy life for  y o u r s e l f 

Recently I have decided that when I take a nice long bath it is for me and to help me relax. I also love reading books and just sitting in the sunshine which makes me so happy. Life can get hectic when you are working, visiting friends and family, basically trying to please everyone else. So make sure you do something you love doing and makes you generally relaxed and happy!

Exercise and eat well

It’s so true that you feel so much better after you exercise. For me, I try to go to the gym a few days a week and do a class or workout which makes me feel so much more energised for the rest of the day. I also LOVE exploring and going on walks along the coast or in the bush. I also think that having a balanced diet is very important and doing your own research into healthy eating and the food industry because there is a lot of miss guided information the general public sees and unfortunately it’s only until you do your own research that you will discover new beneficial things for your health.

Sleeping and Drinking Water 

These are also important elements that help keep your body and mind in the right place. Everyone is different when it comes to sleeping depending on their situation but the suggested amount of hours is between 7-9 hours. I personally will sleep around 10 hours a night but if I ever need to wake up early I find it very easy to do so. Other people, I know sleep 5 hours a night which works for them so it just depends on your situation. Always listen to your body because you will know if you’re not getting enough sleep or getting too much sleep. Water is something in Australia we should be so grateful for, we can basically drink it out of anywhere without fear of diseases or sickness. The recommended amount of water an adult should drink a day is 2 Litres. Therefore, rather than drinking cans and cans of soft drink or flavoured milk, make sure you’re getting the water your body needs to operate properly.

Y O U R  B O D Y  A N D  M I N D  A R E  C O N N E C T E D




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