May 23, 2018

After travelling for 3 months, staying in different accommodation every couple of nights and being in a new country every week or two, I have come home to not knowing what home actually is anymore. The plan was to come home and settle down getting a full-time job and start my career but it just doesn’t feel right. Every day I am dreaming of being somewhere else, making the most of it but instead I am stuck at home undecisive of what I want to do.

I want to be somewhere where the feeling of belonging out weighs the feeling of loneliness and to be connected again in a community full of visions and dreams. I don’t even know where the last month has gone and I can’t seem to shake the feeling of disappointment in myself for not accomplishing anything since being back.

I have no motivation and no inspiration because I feel stuck. I can only hope that someday I wake up with a clear vision.

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