Tips On Packing

March 8, 2018
Tips On Packing
Packing for a trip will vary depending on a few things: where you are going, the intentions of the trip, how long the trip will be for and most importantly the type of person YOU are.

The first question you have to ask yourself is: suitcase or hiking bag? I for one will usually only take a suitcase if I’m staying at the one location or if the trip is more of a relaxing holiday. A hiking bag is great and convinent for moving around a lot, if your going to go hiking or for storing different items in different spots. These days you can also get bags that are a mixture of both and they are awesome (although I don’t have one yet).

Depending on how long your trip is, that will help with how much you should be taking. I have been on long trips for a few months where I have taken both too much and too little, so it is important to know how much to pack for. I would recommend if your going away for over a month to take enough clothes for a week and then depending on what the weather is like, take extra pieces of clothing, such as a jumper, long pants and raincoat.

If your travelling to a country where you will be swimming a lot I would pack 2-3 bikinis/ swimmers because you don’t want just one if your swimming almost every day and you don’t want too many to be carrying around.

Shoes are also something you will need to think hard about because they can be bulky and take up a lot of room in your bag. I usually always take thongs with me, then either joggers or hiking boots and then either my sandles to go walking in or a nice pair of shoes. However, you want to be practical and take shoes you are 100% sure you will wear more than once!

I am also the type of person that won’t take any makeup away with me because it takes up extra room and I don’t really wear it. Obviously it’s up to you and if you need to take it but if your the type of person to only wear it when going out, I wouldn’t bother because it’s just a waste of space. One idea is just to take some mascara so you can make your eyes stand out if you go out one night. If your going to hot climates, I wouldn’t bother with face cream because you will just sweat it off and it feels gross. I also wouldn’t take any other beauty products or hair accessories because it is a waste of space and some items like a hair straightener can be expensive, so you don’t want to worry about that whilst travelling.

In regards to extra accessories, it’s important to always have a torch, packs of tissues, medication, carabiners and other handy little devices. Some other items I always pack are:

  • Small Towel ( always nice having your own towel and some hostels won’t have one for you)
  • Compass/ torch / whistle ( in case of an emergency)
  • Power board
  • Universal adaptor (bought one in Hawaii for $20)

I LOVE reading but whenever I have taken books away with me I never get the chance to read them and then they take up so much room/ make my bag heavy so unless your definitely going to read it or if you have a kindle, I wouldn’t take any books.

It can also be handy if your traveling to multiple countries to have a little bit of cash already exchanged in that currency incase of an emergency and if you don’t have time to exchange once you have landed in that country. There was one time I landed in Manila airport with my friends and we had to get to another terminal to make our next flight but the airport transfer bus wasn’t opened so we had to rush to a taxi and luckily one of the girls already had some Filipino money because we almost missed our connecting flight!

I also write my name on all my electronics and have bags for different equipment/little gadgety stuff.

Finally, I think the most important thing is to pack carefully because you don’t want to be missing anything when you are away. I would also watch some packing youtube videos or look up lists on the specific countries you are going too.


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