Week 1/13

January 31, 2018
Week 1/13

Myself and two of my closest friends decided that we should go and explore South East Asia for 3 months. Originally we were planning to go for about 6 months and go to India, Nepal and Sri Lanka as well but due to a range of reasons we have cut it back to 3 months and kept to specific countries. Before leaving we booked all our main flights and had our accomodation organised for the first week.

I will be writing a journal to post on my blog for every week out of the 12 weeks I am travelling to keep my family and friends updated and more importantly so I can alway go back and relive an amazing journey I went on with my friends.

Week 1/13        (23/01-30/01)

In our first week we left Sydney airport and arrived in Singapore. We stayed at Footprints hostel for 4 nights which cost $15 a night for a 10 bedroom, mixed dorm. This was my first time staying in a mixed dorm and I was quite nervous about the experience. The first night was great, we had a range of people in our room and they were all really friendly and nice. Over the next few nights people came and go and mostly kept to themselves which was fine.

We arrived in Singapore at 4am and got to our hostel at 6am and was told we would have to wait until 2pm to check into our room. So we decided to venture off for a few hours at a time and go back to the hostel to relax until it was time to go in. Over the days we were in Singapore we went to Sentosa Island which was nothing like the rest of Singapore and swam at the man made beach. The island was like being at a massive theme park with lots of activities, hotels and outdoor activities. It would be a great place to stay for a few days with kids. We visited an art gallery which show cased unique forms of videography/ photography from Asian artists and that was interesting. We saw China Town, Little India and Arab street which were all influenced from the massive range of immigrants that settled in Singapore. We also went to Gardens By The Bay and went into the Cloud Forest Dome and Flower Dome which were stunning, although I would only recommend seeing the Cloud Forest of your trying to save money. Later at night they had a light and sound show which was pretty awesome as well. The transport to get around Singapore was super easy and affordable and the water there was safe to drink from the tap.

After our 5 days in Singapore we headed over to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. We stayed at Eden Gardens Hotel paying $17 a night. We spent a lot of time walking around the crazy busy streets and ate a lot of different Vietnamese foods. I have never seen so many people riding motorcycles in my life and the fact that no one crashes into each other is just astounding!


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