Week 10/13

April 3, 2018
Week 10/13

Week 10/13   (27/03-03/04)

We had previously booked an Airbnb apartment for the last week in Kuala Lumpur, costing $25 each a night. This and the hostel we stayed at in Hong Kong (also $25 a night) was the most on this trip we have paid accommodation for. When we booked it, we wanted to stay somewhere nice and relaxing. The apartment was pretty amazing, the small TV had movies, there was a small kitchen and a nice comfortable bed. There was an infinity pool on the roof, which was also a big reason why we booked it and we got some awesome photos up there!


I ended up getting really bad food poisoning on the second day, which resulted in me being on the bathroom floor most of the night. I am pretty thankful that we had our own place, rather than a hostel. Basically the rest of that week I slept in bed, watched movies and didn’t eat much (saved a lot on money). One of the mornings I was in so much pain and so dehydrated I was getting worried so Laura and I tried to go to a hospital. The hospital we went to was really confusing and I was told to go somewhere else. Instead, I went to a chemist and the lady gave me some charcoal tablets which I took and felt better afterwards. After that experience, I am so grateful for Australia hospitals and the easy access we have to medicine and health facilties.

Laura went to Batu Caves one of the days after, which I really hate that I missed out on. Then on the 2nd of April, we had an early flight to Hanoi. Once we landed and got the bus near out hostel, we ate some traditional Pho and relaxed at the hostel the rest of the day.


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