Week 3/13

February 14, 2018
Week 3/13

Week 3/13     (06/02- 13/02)

The few days we stayed in Bohol was pretty great, by luck we found a tour shop and paid to have a private tour guide for the day to take us around to all the main spots we wanted to visit.

You can read more about this awesome tour company called Bohol Life Tours  here.

The next day we got on a 2 hour ferry ride from Tagabiaran City, Bohol to Cebu City, Cebu which was a pretty easy going and an inexpensive trip. All together the ferry cost about $15 compared to a $100 flight and was very safe with locals and other tourists onboard. Once in the city we got the local bus down to Oslob (3-4 hours).  I would highly recommend getting the local bus around the island of Cebu because it is extremely cheap, safe and the scenery is beautiful along the coast! We only stayed in Oslob for one night, purposely to see the whale sharks early the next morning. WHAT AN INCREDABILE EXPERIENCE! It was like nothing I have ever felt or seen before whilst swimming in the water and although a controversial tourist experience from what I saw it wasn’t as bad as what I was expecting it to be. It was up to the tourists to be respectful and careful of the beautiful animals.

The same morning we saw the most amazing waterfalls I have ever seen and then in the afternoon we were off again on the local bus up to Moalboal. We stayed in Moalboal for a few days and experienced swimming with turtles, lying on the beach and relaxing. This was the first spot that we stayed in that had heaps of tourists all around the streets. It was also a great spot to go Scuba Diving which I was going to do but then decided to wait until we get to Malaysia. Our hostel recommended for us to go on a Canyoning Day Tour so we did that and had an amazing experience (nothing like what I was expecting!). The group we went with was awesome, people from all around the world and they were so friendly and outgoing. It took about 3 hours to get from the top spot all the way down to Kawasan Falls and it was an experience I will never forget. I jumped off at least 10 different spots/ waterfalls and then right at the end I jumped off a 16m waterfall which I never thought I would have had the guts to do but after all the other jumps we had been doing I did it!!!!

The next few days were a process of getting flights back to Manila then staying 1 night in Manila which I didn’t really like (my opinion) because it was very dirty city and I felt more unsafe then the islands we visited. We then had an overnight flight from Manila back to Ho Chi Minh City to then catch a 7 hour bus to Cambodia (no sleep for 35 hours).


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