Week 4/13

February 20, 2018
Week 4/13
Week 4/13     (13/02-2o/02)

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh at 1am, so we decided to sleep in the airport and then get a taxi straight to the bus terminal. The bus ride from the city in Vietnam to Phenom Penh took 7 hours, this included the 2 hour visa/border change to get into Cambodia. Overall, the bus trip was pretty easy and relaxing. We spent the next 2 days in Phenom Penh at an awesome hostel that had the most comfortable beds we have slept in yet and a pool! The next day we went on a tour with the hostel to go to The Genocide Museum and The Killing Fields, this was a mixture of both sadness but interest. The audio guide was great because it told you all the stories and explained exactly what had happened during the genocide. When we got to The Killing Field,  it was quite intense knowing that thousands of people were killed in that area. There was also a big monument in the middle which was full of the skulls from the genocide.

The Killing Tree

One part that stood out to me, like most people was ‘The Killing Tree’. From a personal account on the audio guide, we were told that for women that arrived with babies that the men would grab the babies and with no remorse swing the baby against the tree, killing the child, then throwing it into the pits with all the other dead bodies. Horrifying and unbelievable, but true.

The next day we got on a bus to travel up to Siem Reap, our hostel screwed up our accommodation and we were left to try and find somewhere else to sleep that night. By luck one hostel took us in, just around the corner but we had to sleep on thin mattress’ on the floor. The next morning we went straight back to our original hostel and waited until we could check in. After apologies for screwing up the night before we got a free nights accommodation and an early check in. That afternoon we headed out to the markets and wondered around the streets of Siem Reap.

The next morning Laura and I got a tuk tuk to The Angkor and spent the morning wondering around the beautiful and ancient temples and ruins, you can read more about our day here.  We also got to watch sunrise out the front of the famous Angkor Watt with the thousands of other tourists and to my disappointment it wasn’t has magical as I expected it to be.

That night we went to the local night markets which were the 2nd best I have been too (#1 Chiang Mai) and ate street food for under $2. The next day Bianca and I went on a tour of the Floating Village which was actually pretty interesting and I got some great photos. When we got off the boat and walked through the village, so many children ran up to us asking for money. I would recommend if you ever go to Siem Reap and do the Floating Village Tour to take kids clothes, toys and school supplies to give out to all the children.

The Floating Village Tour

The next day we travelled for 10 hours by bus to Bangkok. This was a long and exhausting day, due to when you get to the border you have to carry all your luggage to the meeting point on the other side, which is actually quite far. We then got a tuk tuk to our hostel in Bangkok and chilled out for the night.


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