Week 6/13

March 6, 2018
Week 6/13

Week 6/13     (27/02-06/03)

On the 28th we left for our massive long trip to get to Taiwan, which included 3 different flights. We started off by flying back to Bangkok and then flying to Kuala Lumpur where our stop over was for 7 hours during the night. That was our second time sleeping on the airport floor but it was actually pretty good because they had carpet and there was lots of other people also sleeping on the floor. We arrived in Taiwan at about 12pm and then made our way to the hostel. The hostel was very cosy and modern, we had a mixed dorm with two Canadian guys we really liked hanging out with, for the few days they were there. When we first arrived we went and had a look at the local markets that were around the corner from us called ‘The Shillin Night Markets’, they were massive and so different to any other night markets we had been too on the trip. Majority of the food stalls sold fried foods such as mushrooms, tofu, calamari, and other meats. There was also a lot of food stalls selling stinky tofu, which smelt S O gross. It was actually hard walking through all the markets with so many foreign, strong smells.

Fried Mushroom

The next day we planned to go to the Sky Lantern Festival, but on the way stopped at Jioufen Village. We walked through the main street filled with little shops and I tried the fried mushroom which was pretty nice. The village is located right up the top of a mountain, so the views were pretty stunning. We then got a local bus and train to the location of the Festival which was in Pingxi and joined the thousands of people there.

You can read more about the Sky Lantern Festival and my experience here.

The next few days we just explore the city and caught the train to different spots, then walked around. There is a lot to do in Taipei city so we tried to make the most of it. One night we went out to karaoke with a group of people from our hostel and that was the weirdest but funniest experience. The building it was in looked like an expensive hotel and all the floors within the building just had hundreds of rooms to do the karaoke in. It was very clean and professional and nothing like what I would expect karaoke to be like. Another day we did the Elephant Trail Hike which you can read more about here. It was a challenge because of all the stairs but right at the top the views of the city was amazing!



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