Week 8/13

March 20, 2018
Week 8/13

Week 8/13   (13/03-20/03)

On the 14th, we left Hong Kong and flew to Kuala Lumpur (our second or third time back to that airport). Previously, we decided that we would get the bus straight up to Penang from the airport, not realising the night we ahead of ourselves. We believed we would land at 3pm and straight away be able to get on the five hour bus, well that was not what happened. The bus we had to get from the airport didn’t leave until 5.30pm and then it took seven long hours to get to Butterworth, which by then meant the ferries over to Georgetown weren’t running. Therefore, we had to pay for an over priced taxi to our hostel, arriving the next morning at 1.30am. We ended up travelling for 18 hours that day and I would not recommend doing that.

On the plus side to all that, when we arrived at our accommodation and the guy working found out we were from Australia he freaked out and said how he was from India and loved the cricket. We then had a great conversation about the cricket, even though none of us knew anything about the cricket and he upgraded our room! (Moral of the story, a lot of people love Australia and Australians!)

We spent the next day exploring Georgetown which we had a lot of fun doing, we spent the whole day walking and although the heat/ humidity makes it exhausting, it was well worth it. Georgetown is full of art, culture and colour and I would recommend visiting. Late that night we realised we needed to book our ferry tickets the next morning to Langkawi and with 15 minutes to spare we ran 1-2km to the shop in our pyjamas to buy the tickets (I laugh when I think about this). The next day we were on our way to Langkawi, after a 3 hour ferry ride we landed with a swam of other tourists.

We got into a taxi and made our way to our hostel which was about a twenty minute walk from the beach. We stayed there for the next four nights and although really basic, I actually found it to be one of my favourite hostels so far to stay at. That afternoon we went down to the beach and across the road was a small shopping centre so we went to have a look. We were approached and asked to go to a locally private island which was having a special party on that night which included a whole bunch of free foods, alcohol and activities. At first I was a little worried because it seemed too good to be true but we paid for the tickets and that night were off. On the island we used the kayaks and watched the sunset, we danced on the biggest dance floor and ate the nicest tapas. You can read more about the night and the company here.


The next few days we just spent relaxing, going to the beach and going to the local markets. There were two Swedish guys staying in our hostel room and they were great to talk too and we learnt a lot about Sweden from them! We also spent a lot of time at the hostel, they had lots of cats (^.^). In particular they had one little baby kitten and we adored her, some mornings we even let her sleep in bed with us. On the last full day there we got an Uber and drove to the Langkawi Cable Car and SkyBridge. I would definitely recommend doing this if you ever go to Langkawi, its the steepest cable car in the world and the views of the island are amazing. You have to do the cable car to get to the top to then walk across the SkyBridge, which also had incredible views.

World’s Steepest Cable Car

Little kitten


The next day we started our long trip back to Kuala Lumpur (I would recommend just getting a flight back, its only $10-$20 more but so much more easier and quicker).



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