1 Day Visiting Angkor

February 25, 2018
1 Day Visiting Angkor

The location Angkor is one of the most sacred and main archaeological sites in South-East Asia. It is a place that brings tourists from all over the world to Cambodia. In the Angkor Park the remains of historical temples and of the Khmer Empire are spread over 400km in all directions. The park has a 1 day, 3 day or 7 day visit pass you can buy and it is up to you in how long you think you would like to spend seeing all the ancient ruins and temples. I only got the one day pass due to the time limit I was under staying in Siem Reap, however next time I go to Cambodia I would love to spend more time exploring this stunning historical site.

1 DAY- $37

3 DAY- $62

7 DAY- $72

Children younger than 12 years old can get in for free but need to show their passport. For Cambodian’s visiting is free.

Tip: If you buy your ticket in the evening from 5pm onwards you can visit that afternoon for free to see the sunset and then visit the following day.

You firstly need to organise how to get there and I would recommend getting a tuk tuk. It’s about $20-$25 (USD), so if there are a few of you it cuts down the cost quite a lot. You will need to negotiate with the driver how long you spend there but keep in mind it is hot and tiring walking around. I was there from 5am-10am and I felt like that was enough time to get a quick look at all the main spots without getting to exhausted.

I organised with my driver to visit for the sunrise and I was picked up at 4.30am. By the time the sun rose (6.20am), there were literally millions of people gathered around the famous spot of the water reflecting Angkor Wat. Honestly it wasn’t anything special, the sunrise sucked and there were way too many people. However, looking inside Angkor Wat was out of this world. The feeling of walking through something so sacred and ancient was such a privilege. Now the Angkor Wat is massive, so it took a while to walk through one section. You could probably spend the whole day just wondering through all the sections and holes in the walls, its never ending.

After exploring here,  I found my driver and headed to the next spot Bayon which was really incredible. There were faces all throughout the temple and engraved artworks on the walls. It was quite similar to Angkor Wat in that it had many steps and to what I could tell was made from the same stone material.


In close proximity was Baphuon and it looked so picturesque walking up to it. There was a long pathway up to the temple and it was beautiful being surrounded by trees and ponds.


After having a quick look inside the driver took me to Ta Prohm which are temples wrapped in centuries-old tree roots. This was probably my favourite spot, I was so amazed by all the beautiful trees. Many of the temples have been crumpled by the fierce power of the tree roots but have been left in place, untouched. This is one of the more popular spots so be ready to have hundreds of tourists all around you.


After this it was about 10am and I was getting very tired and hot so decided to head back. I was amazed at all the incredible ancient temples and ruins I got to photograph but next time I will be more prepared and actually spend more time and money devoted to seeing them.

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