10 Travel Tips

March 27, 2018
10 Travel Tips

You might be thinking that it’s too hard or takes to much effort to be environmentally friendly whilst travelling or being on holiday overseas but really it can be just as easy as being at home.

Here are some different ideas and tips to how you can help save the earth whilst being overseas:

      • Buy a Life Straw drink bottle- you can buy it online for around $50 and you will never have to buy another  plastic bottle again. Once you drink out of the straw the water is clean, so you can literally drink water from almost anywhere in the world. I know it’s a bit pricey for a drink bottle but in the end it works out cheaper than continuously buying cheap plastic bottles if your travelling.
      • Say NO to plastic bags– take a material shopping bag whilst your travelling, trust me that it comes in handy when you need to buy food or souvenirs or even your towel and swimmers when going to the beach.
      • Say NO to plastic straws, containers, cups and cutlery– in most cases you don’t need a straw or a fork to drink and eat. I personally find it so frustrating when there is so much extra plastic being used for takeaway when it just gets thrown in the bin thirty seconds later. One great idea is to bring a container with you so you can use that in situations where you have leftovers or need to store food.
      • Pick up trash- I think this is something that should be done anywhere, if you see litter on the ground just pick it up and put it in the trash.
      • Stick to buses and trains– where you can (Asia is a great place for buses/trains), try to avoid planes because of how many chemicals they realise into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide.
      • Avoid getting takeaway– depending on where you are if its a small cafe or street market stand, they will usually have the option to sit down to eat or to get takeaway. Try to sit down and eat to avoid getting the food put in a plastic container thats going to end up in the bin ten minutes later (or have your own container).
      • Go on a vegetarian/vegan diet!– as you probably know eating meat helps produce carbon emissions so why not go on a meat free diet whilst travelling and do your part to help save the environment. I also know a lot of people will go vegetarian when travelling Asia because in some places you can’t trust the food and it may make you sick.
      • Do what you would at home– simple things like don’t get your towel washed everyday at a hotel, turn all the lights off when leaving the room, turn the air-con off when your not using it all help to reduce your footprint.
      • Souvenirs– be mindful with what souvenirs you are buying, for example illegal endangered animal like dried starfish, coral, body parts or fur. Rather, challenge yourself to not even buy any cheap souvenirs that will just get wasted or break when you get home anyway.
      • Avoid tourist attractions that destroy the environment– be careful that if you do any tours or activities that they are a reliable companies and don’t ruin the local environment in any way. Some examples of this is  any ocean activities such as diving or boat trips, any hiking trips or even nature trips to see wildlife.


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