Self Interview on moving to Vietnam- 3 months to go!

January 23, 2019
Self Interview on moving to Vietnam- 3 months to go!

There is less than 3 months now until I make the big move to Ha Noi in Vietnam! The other day I bought my one way plane ticket and reality is starting to kick in. Mostly for my own use I am writing this post as a self interview.

Why move overseas?: The biggest thing for me at the moment is self comfort and how lucky I have it at the moment. I am hoping this move really strengthens my relationship with God-solely relying on him and nothing else. I also see so many benefits to doing this from helping people, to building the foundations to my career to taking my first steps at living out of home. It’s really just a win win situation.

What is your biggest fear with making the move?: I think still my biggest fear is being alone. It is something I have always struggled with and especially being in a foreign country it will be challenging.

What are you most looking forward to?: Don’t judge but definitely fresh coconut water! It is actually my favourite thing ever and I can’t wait to be able to drink it everyday. More importantly though, I am really excited to start teaching English in whatever setting that is! I can’t wait to start a job which I know I will enjoy and love doing.

What will you most miss about home?: When I have done long trips in the past I miss my dog and cat the most also my parents, friends and the beach!

How will you cope with the food situation?: Most meals in Asia are dairy free and there are plenty of meat free options so I am not too worried. Also cause I have already been to Hanoi I know they have plenty of great Vegan cafes and street food! I think I am most worried about keeping tabs on making sure I am getting all my key nutrients and not having the same facilities to do my own cooking.

What’s the current plan?: Okay so I do the four week training course to get my TESL certificate. I then get a job and find a place to rent (hoping with another young female in a two room apartment). Source out a great international church to attend and get involved. Settle down and explore Hanoi more. Spend my free time doing more of my photography and blogging. Possibly get in contact with some local NGO’s and do some volunteer work.


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