Top 7 free activities to do in Newport Beach

May 23, 2019
Top 7 free activities to do in Newport Beach

I LOVE visiting Newport Beach, CA! Here are my top 7 activities to do for free:

  1. The beach

Newport Beach and connecting beaches are stunning and there are walkways right next to the beach with access for walking, running and even riding a bicycle. The beaches here are massive, clean but sometimes a little rough so if your a little nervous just spend the day sun baking.

2. Balboa Island

Jump on the ferry from Newport (you can drive on or walk on) pay $1(USD) and go across to Balboa Island. You also have the option of taking your bike on for a little extra $. Once on the other side, go for a wonder to see the pier, boats and further inland, the amazing boutique shops. One of the well-known food spots is a little shop that has a window on the street and sells frozen bananas coated in chocolate and many different topping. I paid $3.50 (USD).

3. Balboa Fun Zone Area

Where the dock is for the ferry to cross on the Newport side, there are heaps of shops, tour agents, a ‘fun zone’ area for kids and restaurants. It’s nice to go for a wander through here but you wouldn’t need more than an hour as it’s a pretty small area. If your interested in doing a day cruise to see dolphins or whales there are many tour agencies in this section selling tickets.

4. Ride your bike down to Huntington Beach

I had so much fun riding my bike down the side walk on the beach. So many people were out and about and I loved people watching while riding. One way from Newport Beach to Huntington Beach took about 12 km. The ride was very pleasant with no hills and plenty of places to stop and have a rest at. Then once arrive at Huntington Beach, chain your bike up and walk around all the shops and maybe even grab a bite to eat!

5. Fashion Island

This shopping centre is HUGE and has some great stores. One of my favourites is MACEYS where I always get some great discounts in the bargain section. I also love THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY, the service there is great and I love getting the free starter bread. There is a massive food court area and plenty of shops to spend the whole day here.

6. Newport Pier

Over 300 metres long, the pier is located at the centre of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. This spot is great for local shopping, dining, fishing and walking. This is also a magical spot at sunset!

7.  Orange County Museum of Art

This is one of Newport’s top attractions and great to see on a really hot day. The admission is free and there is also free parking. They constantly have new contemporary exhibitions on in all forms of art. Please click this link if you want to go directly to their website for more info.




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