Spiritual Sedona

January 10, 2018
Spiritual Sedona

Sedona is a town that is known for it’s spiritual and earth-centred connections. A range of activities can be done from helicopter rides, jeep tours or river rafting. However, due to the vortex and spiritual power beliefs within the town, a lot of people do hiking in the surrounding areas to be connected to the earth.

Bridge close to Sedona

The famous local Catholic church, ‘Chapel of the Holy Cross’ is not your ordinary Church building. It is set in red rock at least 80 feet high and is one of the main tourist destinations for the town.

Catholic Church

The locals are very friendly and quirky, on one side of the main street, a man had a range of different snakes and spiders letting brave tourists hold them. I had the chance to hold a beautiful white and yellow python and a tarantula. The local restaurants and cafes had great food and drinks! There was so much to do in such a small town but I was only there for a few days, unfortunately, I will definitely be going back!



Vege Burger

Vortex Tree





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