Bohol Life Tour

February 13, 2018
Bohol Life Tour

When we got to our accommodation in Bohol, we started out not knowing what exactly we wanted to do, not knowing how to contact a tour agency and not knowing how much to pay (this was partly because we had no internet).

When you visit some countries they have lots of day tour shops on the main streets for you to quickly walk in and organise different sorts of tours but not where we were staying in Bohol. We tried to look up tours online (using the wifi in Dunkin Donuts) but they were very expensive and didn’t include everything we wanted to do.

Out of luck we looked on google maps and found a tour shop around the corner from where we were. We walked inside and were given a book with many different tour packages but after explaining the main things we wanted to do the lady suggested the perfect tour and we had the perfect day out.

This is what our tour included:

  • Hotel pickup / drop off
  • Aircon car/ driver
  • All entrance fees paid
  • Buffet lunch on a river cruise

These were the places we visited:

  • Blood Compact Marker
  • Tarsier Conservation Area
  • Bamboo Hanging Bridge
  • Butterfly Farm
  • Man made forest
  • Chocolate Hills viewing deck
  • Loboc Tourism Park zip Iine ( extra 400 pesos)

We started our day by driving for about 1 hour to the chocolate hills which were not the famous brown colour but a luscious green colour due to the rainfall. After walking up what felt like hundreds of tiny, steep stairs, we made it to the top and were met with an amazing view. It was incredible to see these natural half spheres all around us for miles.

We then drove to the Tarsier Conservation Area to see the worlds smallest monkey! They are protected in this spot and you are not allowed to touch them. We walked around a small pathway surrounded by trees and bamboo shoots and were told by staff along the way where the little monkeys were. They were absolutely amazing to see! They looked like half frog/ half monkey/ half bat with large eyes.

Worlds Smallest Monkey

After this we drove to the Bamboo Hanging Bridge (actually 2 bridges) which I really enjoyed crossing over. The bridges are purely made of only bamboo and some metal wires. The view was stunning of the river from above and it was a lovely walk across the bridge to the other side.

We then drove through the man made forest which was stunning and I captured some of my favourite photos. The trees were so tall they towered over on each side of the road and created this dark green forest scene. TIP: Rather than stopping where most people stop to take photos get your driver to drive a little further down where there are no other cars in the way of photos.

Man made Forest

We then made a quick stop to the Butterfly Farm which wasn’t that great. There were a lot of other animals all kept in small cages and the butterflies didn’t look like they were looked after that well either. It kind of felt like a DIY butterfly set up. I wouldn’t recommend bothering going in there.

A short drive after was the Loboc Tourism Park and the zip line / cable car you could go on for an extra 400 pesos. This was one of the BEST experiences of my life. You had to lie face forward like super man position and it honestly felt like you were flying through the sky. I don’t even have words to describe the few moments I had, 120 metre above the ground soaring through the wind and sky.

After this we were driven to where we would have lunch upon a boat for a river lunch buffet cruise. Most of the dishes had meat but there were still a few vegetarian options. There was live music and the scenery was beautiful going down the river. This tastes about 1 hour and then our driver took us to the famous landmark of the Blood Compact. The Blood Compact Marker was made to signify when the Sandhog festival took place in Bohol, The Philippines and was between a Spanish explorer and the Chief of Bohlin 1565. It was to be a treaty of friendship between the two nationalities.


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