Day trip to Canberra

July 22, 2019
Day trip to Canberra


  • National Art Gallery
  • Sweet Bones Vegan Cafe
  • Gibraltar Falls
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Got Pho’ Vietnamese Restaurant

Starting from the Central Coast we left at 5 am to start our road trip down South. There were different points where our Maps sent us weird ways, so I would recommend just following the signs to Canberra that are on the freeway.

We stopped at the famous big sheep in Goulbourn and took some photos. Goulbourn to Canberra is such a gorgeous drive through the country. We drove past SO many sheep!

We arrived in Canberra around 10 am and went straight to the National Art Gallery. You basically have to pay for parking everywhere in Canberra but down one of the side streets, we found 1-hour free parking.

An hour in the Art Gallery really wasn’t long enough but we managed. Next time I go I would just pay the parking in their private car park and probably spend about 2-3hours in the gallery as there is a lot to see. I love all the Australian National Galleries and this one did not dissapoiont!

We then made our way to a Vegan Café called ‘Sweet Bones’ which was really cute but my meal wasn’t as good as I had hoped. I ordered a mushroom burger and Laura, my friend, ordered a ‘steak’ sandwich. We paid around $2.50 for 1-hour parking around the corner from the café. This was in the main city centre of Canberra. I also found that in the main city centre has free wifi which is pretty sweet.

During discussing what we wanted to do for the rest of the day, I had seen some awesome photos of a natural infinity pool and small bush walk just out of Canberra so we decided to drive further out and find this spot. After a 50-minute drive further into the outback, we found the national park and it was a short 5-minute walk to a natural infinity pool that looks out at a spectacular view. We agreed we would have to come back to this spot in summer during sunrise or sunset because it would be amazing. As much as I wanted to go for a dip in the water, it was FREEZING so I decided against it. We found there were a few other trails around this area so we went for a walk down one enjoying the sunshine.

During the drive back to Canberra City, we decided to stop at the Botanical Gardens which also cost a few dollars for parking. I thought this was so strange as I have been to many different Australian Botanical Gardens and this is the only one where you have to pay for parking.

We only stayed for around an hour as it was late in the afternoon but it was definitely worth the visit. They seemed to have many walks and activities for children and there were still loads of families walking around at this time of day. On top of this, they had a lovely cafe and information centre which had a photography exhibition on that we were able to look at.

From the gardens we made our way back to the Central Coast but stopped off at a Vietnamese restaurant called ‘Got Pho’ in Carlingford. We arrived home around 8.30pm.

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