Eating Away

October 9, 2017
Eating Away

A lot of the time I feel like the world is eating away at me.

It’s from someone I either care about or from someone abusing their power.

I cry a lot and that seems to help, but what would help more is if these people I will never be able to to stop loving would stop hurting me. They hurt me but it’s my fault.

That’s why I have chosen to not get close to anyone anymore. The risks are too high and the benefits too low.

That’s why I love travelling. It’s my escape from reality, from the mental abuse from who I have turned into. I never use to be like this, once a positive, bubbly person but each bubble has been popped and I am slowly not seeing the point of anything anymore.

I feel like a battered punching bag on the inside but I continue to fight everyday, some days being successful but some days those people I love decide to be selfish and punch me right in the heart.

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