First Timer’s Guide to Disneyland

May 25, 2019
First Timer’s Guide to Disneyland

I recently went to Disneyland in California for the first time and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Beforehand I did a lot of research on tips and tricks with the famous theme park. Some were great and some didn’t really apply when I got there. These are my tips that I want to share with everyone from my experience and I hope they are helpful!

First up is the entry into the main area that connects Disneyland and California Adventure together. The first day we arrived we lined up at the main entrance at about 10 am and there were SO many people. It took us about 1 hour to get in. However, on the second day, we went around to the entrance of Downtown Disney at about 9 am and we got through in less than 10 minutes.

Another thing to note is the lines are so long because of security and bag checking. We found that if you don’t have a bag you can walk straight through. You can also take in water, snacks and all foods. You cannot take in any form of a selfie stick or a GoPro extension stick though.

After you have lined up with your tickets and get through, go straight to one of the bigger activities where you can get a fast pass. Some of the top rides include Space Mountian, Splash Mountian, Matterhorn Bobsled, Indiana Jones Thrill Ride and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The fast pass is a little ticket that prints out and is connected to your entry ticket. You then have an hour between from a selected time they have given you. For example, I may have gone straight to Space Mountain at 9 am and the Fastpass ticket printed me out the ticket time slot for between 11-12pm. Also, keep in mind that you can only get one Fastpass at a time unless you pay for a MAXPASS. So whilst you’re waiting for that time slot on that ride you then go and line up at another ride or do something else. If a ride is super popular the fast passes will end up running out for the day because there is only so many for each time slot.

I think it is also important to know that you literally can’t get to every single thing in the park in one day. I was astounded when I realised how big the park was! When I was there, we started at 10 am and left at about 7-8pm and we only got through about half of the park.

Depending on the day, time etc the park can get crazy busy. Therefore, try to plan your day out beforehand and what you definitely want to see and do.  You should wear comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes and if it’s a sunny day bring a hat! A refillable water bottle is very important, otherwise, to buy a small bottle there is about $5 (USD). Food is also very expensive, I paid about $4 (USD) for a pretzel and $12 (USD) for a disgusting vegan burger with french fries. I would recommend taking in plenty of snacks and fruit.

Apart from the rides, there is plenty of other attractions like the shops, boutiques and movies to go and see. There is a Disneyland App which is fantastic and has an awesome map on it showing everything, line up waits and short cuts between areas. Wifi is available all around the park in specific areas but it’s strong and fast. We found that at most rides where you have to line up for a while the internet worked which was great to keep occupied whilst waiting. I also read to take a portable charger because you may be on your phone a lot and need to recharge, I found this super handy!

If you’re still around in the afternoon, there is a great parade on at 3.30pm and 6 pm and everyone sits and stands on either side of the main road towards the entrance. All the characters and performers walk down the street and it is definitely something to see!

Just to recap:

-Go early

-Enter at Downtown Disney

– Use Fastpass

– Take your own water bottle to refill

– Take your own snacks and food

– There is free wifi all around the park

– Take a rechargeable battery for phone

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