FIVE major impacts

November 20, 2017
FIVE major impacts
  1. This is something I personally hate in how it is such a massive impact and how often I am travelling. Unfortunately,  air travel is one of the biggest causes of carbon emissions in the world. The only way you can really avoid this is to try and take alternative transport methods if possible such as trains, buses or boats. These more environmentally better ways of travel are more common and easier to do in specific continents and countries like Asia, Europe, Australia, America.
  2. Another big cause is MEAT which not a lot of people would understand to be a factor of carbon emission. However, due to the mass amount of people that consume it and the meat industry making so much money, it is something the media does not educate the public on very often. Due to animals such as cows and sheep emitting large quantities of methane through their mouth, when people decide to completely cut out meat and become vegetarian or even limit their intake of meat they are actually making a massive difference in the contribution of carbon emission.
  3. Driving… get an electric car! Otherwise try to limit how much you drive, or another great idea is to carpool where possible.
  4. Buy and use less. Every time you buy something new, whether its a new toy, a new dress or food that gets wasted, those items have gone through a massive industrialized process to now have been made and then purchased. Try to be wise with what you need verse what you want. In society now, everyone has to have the latest technology, the nicest house, the newest kitchen, however it’s important to think before you buy and actually know what it means to be a consumer.
  5. Power is extremely important in life today, even when people have a blackout it can cause havoc and destruction due to the reliance of it. In the bigger scheme of things solar and wind power is becoming a greater option for the future. For the normal house hold doing small actions such as turning power points off and monitoring the power usage is great step in helping with carbon emissions.



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