Guide to Lamma Island-Hong Kong

March 11, 2018
Guide to Lamma Island-Hong Kong

On the Ferry

Beach 1

Hop on your nearest ferry and make your way to Lamma Island for a beautiful day out. Yung Shue Wan was the port we got off the ferry from ($19 HKD). Keep in mind the ferries all vary in price depending on which one you board, there is no set ferry to the island. Once there you will already be taking in the beautiful landscape of the local boats and village right no the waterfront. Once you walk for ten minutes through the shops and restrauants (recommend to eat at for lunch) you will start to see all the signs saying where to go. Turn left at the intersection saying to go to Sok Kwu Wan and enjoy the hour walk over to the other side of the island, where the other ferry port is.


On the walk

During the walk you will see the coastline, the most stunning nature and some very pretty beaches. There are some steep parts during the walk but mostly it is an enjoying and relaxing walk. I would also recommend doing the walk on a sunny day to make the most of it. You will wonder if your even still in Hong Kong because of how stunning the scenery is.

We stopped at Lo So Shing beach, which was near the end of the walk, about ten minutes from the ferry port. I went for a swim in extremely cold water, but it was refreshing and worth it. After spending about thirty minutes relaxing at the beach and wandering around, we made our way to the ferry port. The ferries come at all different times, so you just have to wait until one comes. We waited for about one hour and then were on our way back to Aberdeen ($12 HKD).

The view


Key Notes: 

Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan-Port 1, Sok Kwu Wan- Port 2) 

Hung Shing Yeh- Beach 1

Lo So Shing- Beach 2

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