Guide to Ha Giang Loop

June 22, 2019
Guide to Ha Giang Loop

This guide is from my recent experience travelling up north from Hanoi by night bus to motorbike ride the Ha Giang Loop. I left Hanoi early Sunday morning and then arrived back early the following Friday morning, so altogether my trip was 6 days.

Price Guide:

  • Night bus return (600k)
  • Motorbike rental + insurance (1mill)
  • Petrol (200k)
  • Pass to drive in the mountains (200k)
  • Homestays/Hostels x 4 nights (350k)
  • Food (530k)
  • Snacks + Drinks (160k)
  • Water (55k)

Total = 3,095,000 dong ($192 aus)

After leaving early Sunday morning we arrived in Ha Giang just after lunchtime and checked into one of the Homestays in town. The owners were very friendly and helped us organise bikes and the logistics of the trip. The deal we made was we would pay for 4 days worth of motorbikes but got an extra day for free so we could practice riding before leaving. As well as the motorbikes we also got to choose a helmet and some plastic rain outfits.

I initially was pretty worried about riding as the only other time I have attempted to ride a motorbike I got about 1 metre and fell off. This was in Bali about 4 years ago. However, I was super determined and that paid off. I got the hang of it immediately and started driving up and down the street. Soon after we all decided to check out the local waterfall which was about a 15min drive away. The waterfall and swimming hole was beautiful and I definitely recommend doing this, just ask wherever you are staying where it is and they will either show you on a map or drive you out.

We left the next day at about 11am and it took about 5-6 hours to get to our first stop which was called Tom Homestay in Yen Minh. The scenery was incredible and it was such an unreal experience driving through the mountains, next to cliffs and past massive trucks.

The next morning we left in the rain at about 9 am, this was the scariest part of the trip. It was my third day ever riding a motorbike and it was in the rain up and down mountains with flooded roads and no face protection from the rain. There was one point where I wanted to give up, everything in my head was saying this was the most dangerous thing I could be doing but my friend Maya encouraged me to keep going and soon after the rain stopped. We drove altogether for about 4 hours and arrived at our next stop, Dong Van at lunch time.

The next morning it rained for a while so we decided to wait out the rain. We left at about 10-11am and drove for 5 hours to Du Gia. The roads had so many pot holes it was like playing a video game to dodge them. The scenery was probably the best out of all the days! There was a waterfall right near where we stayed here but we were all so exhausted we decided not to go (which I regret).

Our last morning we left fairly early around 9 am and headed back towards Ha Giang. It took about 6 hours as we had to drive back up past a section we had done on the first day. This was also the way the guy who rented us the bikes said not to go because it was to dangerous for us “women” but we decided to do it anyway because it was faster. I actually really enjoyed this section because we had to ride though all stones and rocks. It kind of felt like we were dirt bike riding. There was one section though where my bike got caught in the rocks and I fell over and my foot got squashed under the bike (ouch!) but thankfully nothing serious was injured. We also rode through so many farming villages and all the kids would run onto the street and stick their hands out for high fives whilst we were driving, so much fun! We arrived back to our Homestay in Ha Giang in the afternoon and then got the night bus at about 8.30pm back into Hanoi. We arrived early the next morning in Hanoi at 4am.

What to pack:

  • Small backpack
  • Joggers or Hiking Boots
  • Sandals
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • 2 x long pants
  • 1 x shorts
  • 3 x shirts
  • 2 x socks
  • Toiletries
  • Bras/ Undies
  • Raincoat
  • Long sleeved protective jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • First Aid Kit
  • Camera

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