Lessons I have learnt after travelling Asia for 3 months

April 14, 2018
Lessons I have learnt after travelling Asia for 3 months

I already feel like I have learnt a life’s worth of lessons and have experienced more than the normal 21-year-old.

Since this adventure, backpacking around Asia, I have not learnt just one thing about myself or the world around me but dozens.

The most important advice I could give to anyone is that if you’re not happy then do what it is that makes YOU happy.
I have learnt that I shouldn’t take anything for granted. That I should be thankful for everything, I am blessed to have. That I should make the most of every opportunity and be confident in who I am. I have learnt that I need to be proud of myself, with all I have accomplished and to smile when I make mistakes.

I have learnt that having less is better because I never want to be someone who has everything but has no purpose and keeps wanting things in life that aren’t valuable. Also,  kindness is free and should be shared with everyone, no matter who they are.

I have learnt to expect nothing, but to appreciate everything.

I have learnt that I don’t want to be like anyone else. I don’t want to have the perfect body or the prettiest makeup-filled face. All that will lead to is a life filled with disappointment.  I want to be me and if others don’t like that then that’s their problem.

I have learnt that the best way to live is being easy going and accepting. To be friendly, kind, compassionate and honest.

I have learnt that money doesn’t mean you’re going to have the best experience and sometimes doing something unexpected for free can be even better.

I have learnt that the world is a scary and sad place, where people get hurt every day. That some people have to do anything to try and survive another day and that there are evil people in the world. My eyes are wide open and I won’t ignore these things. Although there might be nothing I can do at this moment about it, at least I’m not ignorant to it, like so many people.

I have learnt that the world is amazing and there are some wonderful people out there. I have met some incredible people from different countries all over, learning about who they are and what they want to do in life. I have also seen the most beautiful natural places and it motivates me so much that when I get home, I want to make the most of every day. I want to experience life and nature, to explore and care for the earth because I never want it to end. I have a desire to try and be more environmentally friendly and educate people on this topic.

Most importantly, I have learnt that life can be taken at any moment and I want to make the most of my life. 

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