Must Do’s in Berlin

January 23, 2019
Must Do’s in Berlin

I really LOVED Berlin and I can’t wait to go back! Unfortunately I didn’t spend nearly enough time exploring the city. There is a ridiculous amount of things to do in Berlin so here is my list from the few days I was there:

⚡ Any and all markets- The markets were so diverse and cultured in Berlin. I loved wandering through, hearing people speaking German and encountering anything from baked goods to art.

⚡ Walk or Cycle around the city- Depending on where you are in the city, there are so many landmarks/ museums/ parks / shops to visit. I recommend hiring a bike and going for a ride to explore the city.

⚡Historical Places- I would highly recommend visiting the Jewish Museum and also the Holocaust Memorial. These were both emotionally impacting  places which I went alone too but glad I experienced. In Sydney there is a Jewish Museum I remember visiting in High School, but actually visiting this one in Berlin was unbelievable.

⚡Walk down East Side Gallery- confronting, controversial and awareness all wrapped into art down this long wall on the main street. This was one of my favourite spots I got to visit because no where else in the world has anything like this!

⚡Nightlife- I only went out one night with some friends I made at the hostel. I can’t remember how we found out about the spot we visited but it was pretty awesome it was called Katerblau. It was this little outside artsy area right next to the lake. We each bought a cider and just sat around with a whole heap of other young Germans and internationals. There was a old fashioned photo booth and just quirky bits of art everywhere.

Food- Wow the food in Berlin was next level. At the time I was veggo and there were still so many great options. Due to the city being quite international there were so many different cuisines and the pricing was still fairly affordable to eat out. The food markets were unbelievable- if you were to do one thing in Berlin, go to any food markets!


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