My bulk food and plastic free kitchen

July 23, 2018
My bulk food and plastic free kitchen

After being so inspired online with so many people doing bulk food & plastic free shopping and making their kitchens look so aesthetically stunning in this manner, I was inspired to make my kitchen as plastic free as possible. This was a process in itself because my kitchen was full of plastic! I first started by using the ingredients I had in the pantry and filling up my glass jars. I then wrote a list of all the ingredients I thought I would need to buy and headed to my closet bulk food store (Whole Scoop in Newcastle). This first experience was amazing and I spent about 2 hours in there, absolutely stunned by all the herbs, teas, grains, flours, dried fruits, oils and everything else they had available in the store. I ended up spending about $200, which does seem like a lot of money but I did buy a lot of new foods for all my glass jars at home. I was also told that your first time is always more expensive.

$200 worth!

Example of one of the foods…Lentils YUM









Once I got home with all my new goodies I started to empty it all into the glass jars I had. One tip I have with the glass jars is to collect ones you have already used and just reuse them. I bought all brand new ones, which I now regret doing because the lids are already starting to rust and it is better to use what you have rather than consuming more un-needed items.

Straight away I started cooking more and using all new ingredients in different recipes. I found the glass jars so convenient when cooking due to the fact that they are all out on display and you don’t have to rummage around the pantry to try and find something. You also know what ingredients you have and what you may need to stock up on. I also love having healthy snack foods like dried fruits and nuts in the jars that I can just grab down when I am hungry.

Over the last few shops I have done in the bulk food store I have learnt that depending on what you buy, it can be either cheap or expensive. The basic foods like rice, lentils and teas are much cheaper to buy in bulk than in the supermarket whilst when you start experimenting and trying new things like the different chocolates or different dried fruits it can start getting more expensive. The bulk food stores also sell plastic free products like bamboo straws and containers. Some sell personal natural products like soaps and some sell organic products like vegetable stock and maple syrup. All these extra products are great but can also be a little pricey, so just be mindful of that whilst shopping.

It was the best decision going plastic free in my kitchen, I have developed a new love for plant based cooking and educating others on small changes they can make in their own house.

Left Side of the kitchen

Right side of the kitchen


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