The South Island of New Zealand

January 10, 2018
The South Island of New Zealand

Once landing in Christchurch, we hired a motorhome and started our journey south and then did a loop back to Christchurch. There isn’t a lot of public transport option in New Zealand so hiring a car or motorhome is the best option.

Lake Tekapo has been one of the most stunning locations I have ever been too. The natural scenery was incredible and there was a great calmness about the area. The water in the lake is a stunning milky bright blue and their is the most unique  and beautiful wildlife around the surrounding area.

Bunny, Lake Tekapo

Aoraki/ Mount Cook is apart of a national park and is an example of the stunning glaciers and mountains that are right around the South Island. There are a few different trails you can walk, and I did a short two hour walk, which was over a few bridges and through the mountains but the air was ice cold and you should wear proper gear when walking through areas like this.

Queenstown  is one of the more populated areas of New Zealand, which also has a main airport. Some people think it’s the adventure capital of the South Island with many different adrenaline filled activities to choose from. Queenstown is known for its bungee jumping spots and water rafting adventures. There is a lot of history and culture in the small town and it’s a must do if you ever travel to New Zealand.

Church of the Good Shepard, Lake Tekapo

Dunedin is known for its Scottish influences with a lot of the architecture similar to Scotland. It looks and feels completely different to any other part of New Zealand, with a lot of tourists visiting specifically to get a Victorian feel of what a lot of Europe would of looked like back in late 1800’s. Apart from the stunning buildings the beaches and surrounding landscapes are just as stunning as the rest of New Zealand.

Railyard, Dunedin

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