Paradise 101 Island, Langkawi

March 23, 2018

After negotiating a price with the sale ladies, we agreed on 250 (MYR) for the three of us (my two friends and I) to go to Paradise 101 Island for their first ever night party. We were told there would be loads of people, cheap alcohol, free activities, a dance floor and a DJ with other free inclusions.

We were told how the special package we bought started during the day and went all night but by the time we had bought our tickets it was 4pm (we got a special price) and we decided to get the shuttle bus at 6.30pm.

We boarded the shuttle at 6.30pm with a group of the Malaysian workers, they said they had been working from 9am that morning and were asked to join the event that night. They were very kind and very interested in life in Australia and we had a great time chatting to them. After driving for 30 minutes we made it to the point where we would have to get the boat to the privately owned island. We put our life jackets on and speed across. By now the sun had started setting and it was magnificent. It was setting between two mountains over the water and we all rushed to get a kayak, not letting a moment go to waste. We threw our bags on the sand and then ran and got in all different coloured ones. We rowed out to get the perfect sunset picture and smiled whilst watching the most truely magical moment of our trip.

After the sunset, we rowed back in and decided to have a quick swim and play in the small water park they had just off the beach. The water was warm and salty but we loved it. The slides and other floating equipment was very deflated and a bit disappointing but we made the most of it. There was a trampoline, so obviously we tried to jump as high as we could and then into the water. One of the workers was riding a jet ski and allowed us all to have a go on the back with him. We rode around the water park and then he dropped us back on the shore, it was awesome!

By now it was dark and the small island was lit by lights. We walked to the bathroom and were surprisingly shocked at how clean and modern it was. There were showers, tall mirrors and everything you could want after swimming in the ocean. We made our way up to where everyone else was, near the massive decked dance floor. Everyone was handed a free Champagne glass and told the specific deals of the night for alcohol. There was more staff then guests, but the guests there were around our age and from all over the world. We all sat down and started chatting. After a while the staff brought out a range of tapas (even vegetarian/vegan ones!) and everyone was shocked. The food was delicious, with more and more being prepared and brought out to everyone. We were also told that this was the only privately owned island with free wifi for us to use.

We were then told how the flying fox/zip line had opened and we all rushed over to have a go. After being strapped up and having a safety briefing, we jumped off the high platform, and flew in the air for 20 seconds. Not the best zip line I have been on, and being dark it wasn’t that exciting, but it was free!

Everyone then made their way back to the large decked out dance floor, where the owner started speaking in the mic and getting everyone to join in with some dancing games. Full of laughter, everyone had to pair up and do a variety of different competitions. A short time later, fire works were realised on the beach and we made our way back onto the boat to get off the island and then we got the shuttle back to our hostel.

It was definitely a night to remember and I can’t highly rate this company or this experience.


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