Teaching Overseas- Positives and Negatives

June 10, 2019
Teaching Overseas- Positives and Negatives

With everything, I always end up writing or thinking of a list with positive and negative outcomes. Obviously, this list is tailored to me and my life situation with moving to Vietnam but I hope you find it helpful. x


Can afford to live out of home in my own place and take that step into independence.

Endless travel opportunities due to Vietnam being so central in South East Asia.

Being pushed out of my comfort zone so I have to make new friends and build relationships.

Meeting new people!

Saving money a lot easier because the standard of living is so affordable.

Being able to afford to do things I love doing like rock climbing or going to the movies.

Working and making a difference in lives.

Having international and cultural work experience.

Eating fresh and delicious foods.

Making up my own rules and not feeling like I am trying to please anyone.

Time for self-love and personal growth.


Being alone in a foreign country.

Different laws, customs, healthcare system, way of life.

Depending on solely yourself 24/7.

Overall lower wage then back in Australia if working more hours in a higher position.

Not having the same health food availabilities such as organic produce.

Missing out on friends and families lives back home.



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