The cheapest way to get in or out of Sydney International Airport

July 4, 2019
The cheapest way to get in or out of Sydney International Airport

I am writing this guide to spread more awareness and help fellow travellers out in saving money when trying to get in or out of Sydney International Airport. I finally tried this cheaper method and will definitely be doing it from now on to save money.

The normal way to travel to the Domestic or International Airport is via the train line which is super convenient and easy to do but because that part of the train line is owned privately the cost is bumped up a lot.

If I was to catch the train from the Central Coast all the way to the International Airport it costs me about $22.50 or from Hornsby station it will cost me about $18.50. This is what I have always done and found it so annoying that a trip to the airport and back was almost $50.

I had read online about the option to get off at Mascot train station and walk but everyone I travelled with never wanted to try it or I had too much luggage with me to try.

The other day when I arrived in Australia from Vietnam, all I had was my small backpack and laptop and no stress about time so I wanted to try it out.

Step 1. When exiting the airport follow the signs to the shuttle bus. First off when you walk out of customs the first sign you will see is the transfer for ‘Qantas to the Domestic Airport’. Follow these until you see the sign for the ‘Domestic Transfer Bus’, which is right out the front of McDonalds.

Step 2. Wait outside and get on the orange coloured bus (free) that will drop you off at the domestic airport (10 minute drive). Get off at the first stop.

Step 3. Follow this map, as it is confusing trying to figure out how to walk out. They have not designed the airport to allow pedestrians to walk in and out from the main street. It took me about 15 minutes to figure out where to walk out to the main street.

Step 4. Follow the pedestrian path to Mascot Station. This is about a 20-minute walk once you’re out on the main road.

The train cost from Mascot Station to the Central Coast is around $6 and to Hornsby is around $3.50.

One thing that is off-putting is that it is a 30-minute walk from the Domestic Airport to Mascot Station so if you have any heavy luggage or a lot of luggage then it would be a struggle.

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