The power of being single

June 9, 2019
The power of being single

Let me start off by saying, you’re not going to learn who you are through someone else.

There is a sort of power from being single and taking every day as a new moment to discover more about yourself. You’re never going to figure out who you are as a person because honestly, every single day you are a new person, always changing and always learning. Some days you may be improved, others you may be a mess. Though the most important part is, these things you don’t learn from someone else, you learn from being you.

I never would have imagined being single and happy. We have grown up in a world where every day there is a new love movie on television, where people become so desperate to not be alone they stay in toxic relationships and where being judged doesn’t just happen in real life but online.

Let me tell you, the past few years being single have honestly been the best years of my life. I have learnt from others mistakes in relationships and have created higher standards for myself. I have had the freedom to explore the world, be creative and love life for how it is meant to be loved. I have had the time to work on loving myself and loving those important around me. There has been no pressure in pleasing anyone else but myself. I have been able to do things for me and only me but most importantly, I have grown and keep growing in someone I am proud of!

I dance around in my kitchen listening to music and cooking. I speak up when I think something is wrong and I fight my own battles. I have to take care of myself and make those hard calls. I am depended on myself and that is something you cant just learn overnight. Some of the toughest experiences I have had in my life have been when I am alone but they have been the moments that have shaped me.

Why waste time trying to fill a hole you can fill yourself? Some may find love straight away, some later in life and some never but don’t get confused with loving someone else and loving yourself because you live forever with you.

I think the most important lesson I have learnt is that you should love yourself more than anyone else and be happy being single before searching for anything because if chances have it, love will come to you.

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