Top 10 places to visit in Cornwall

June 19, 2018
Top 10 places to visit in Cornwall

I was lucky enough to spend almost a month in the beautiful and quite south part of England. Cornwall was full of history, culture and nature. I loved how peaceful and community driven it was and how each small town had it’s own elements of unique history.

Here are my top 10 places to visit in Cornwall, England:

  1. Visit the Eden Project for a fantastic day out in the gardens.

I ended up seeing the Eden Project twice, once at night and once during the day. I went over the Christmas period so there was a lot more going on with special extras like an ice-rink, visits from Santa and carol singing. I think it has been one of the best gardens I have ever seen, with so much variety and plant life. There was also a great inside education centre and cafe wiht lots to see and do.

2. Visit Mouse Hole, especially at Christmas time.

This is one of the many picturesque little fishing villages in Cornwall. It’s narrow streets are full of small shops, restaurants and galleries. It is also worth visiting over the Christmas Holidays with a marvellous light display the whole community comes together for. There is also a children’s book that has been published by a local that captures the heart of the small town called “The Mouse Hole Cat”, definitely worth buying one as a present whilst in one of the local shops.

3. Visit St Michaels Mount for unique experience.

A castle and small island off of Marazion is a unique character of Cornwall. To add to its uniqueness during low tide there is a causeway you can walk over on to the other side, otherwise during high-tide it is only accessible by boat. The family that owns it lives there and helps to maintain and take care of the island and gardens. The view of the castle and island is stunning and is definitely worth the trip to visit!

4.  Have a delicious Sunday Roast at a local pub.

A massive custom in all of England, but more traditional in Cornwall is that there is literally an old pub around every corner and on Sunday’s they sell the famous ‘Sunday Roast’! I don’t think I ever ate a bad meal in Cornwall. I wasn’t vego back then, so I enjoyed the massive load of roast veggies, meat and yorkshire puddings which is what you will get in the traditional Sunday Roast. I really loved going to the local pubs because they had so much history and the people were so friendly.

5. Visit Doc Martins home town, Port Issac.

This quaint little town is full of beautiful shops, bakeries and places to see if you love Doc Martin! If you don’t know who Doc Martin is, he is the main character in a English TV series that is a DR in a small town in Cornwall. This is a big tourist spot because of the TV show, but also a fishing port for the local fishermen. It’s an impressive place to take photos and to buy a local pastie.

6. Get a photo of the famous sign post at Lands End.

A really interesting place to see, mainly to take a photo and have a read of the sign. The sign, which is right next to the coast reads all different directions and distances to different places around the world. There is also some beautiful views from there (even better at sunset) and a nice, windy walk along the coastline.

7. Swim in summer at Newquay.

This is a very popular spot to visit in summer for both locals and tourists, with the beaches, surf, restaurants and attractions. The drive along the coast is breathtaking and it’s also a great place to take photos at sunset. There is an aquarium called the ‘Blue Reef’ and also near by is ‘Newquay Zoo’ (although I did not visit either when I was there).

8. Get stunning reflective photos in Padstow

Another picturesque and small fishing village, this was the location I got the most amazing photos at sunset with the reflection of the boats in the harbour. I also remember having the nicest strawberry milkshake at the local cafe and just enjoyed the beauty of this small and quaint town. Padstow also had some cute little streets to walk through with shops and art galleries (like most of the old, little fishing villages).

9. Visit the famous lighthouse at Trevose Head.

An incredible location especially at sunset, that is on the way between Newquay and Padstow. The lighthouse is a great spot to take some amazing photos and to just admire the coastline.

10. Enjoy riding a steam train and having a great day out with Bodmin and Wenford Railway.

I had an amazing time going on the old steam train and seeing all the beautiful scenery we passed. This is a great family day out and the company also hosts many different special events and private functions. When I was there, it was in winter time so some parts we went through had layers of snow on the ground and it was just a magical, joyful experience.

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