Week 7/13

March 13, 2018
Week 7/13

Week 7/13    (06/03-13/03)

The next two days we spent in Taiwan, were very cold and rainy. I went to the National Palace Museum alone one day, however I didn’t really enjoy it because I have never really been interested in Ancient Chinese culture. I did enjoy the artworks and the calligraphy section they had though. The next day we caught the local mini bus up the mountain to do a day hike, but once we got higher and higher up the mountain, it started raining and getting super misty and cold. After standing for a while at the start of the walk, we all decided to go back to the hostel because we weren’t prepared to walk in the rain all day (one of my regrets was not doing a proper hike in Taiwan).

The hike we didn’t do

On the next day we had our flight over to Hong Kong. Everyone got a meal on the flight which we didn’t know about, and therefore Laura I thought we would miss out on eating (because they had no vegetarian) but we got given a massive bowl of noodles! Our hostel was a huge apartment building overlooking the harbour with the most amazing views. We spent the afternoon exploring the hostel and walking around the local shops. That night we went out for dinner to a restaurant and ordered a bowl of vegetables and fried vegetables dumplings. Instead of what we imagined the bowl of vegetables to be like, what actually came out was boiled lettuce and it didn’t taste the nicest either (but a funny experience).

Boiled Lettuce and Fried Vege Dumplings

View from Hostel


A guy in our hostel room recommended we go to Lamma Island for the day and thats what we did the next day. We jumped on a ferry and explored the island. It included the prettiest walk, beaches and local shops. You can read more about the island and our day out here.

We spent the next few days choosing a spot in the city to explore. It got crazy at night time, when everyone was out and all the markets were opened. One day I caught the bus alone over to a famous spot where photographers take photos of the amazing apartment buildings and I was amazed at how many people live in Hong Kong. We also went down to one of the Ferry Piers near the main city centre and watched the sunset whilst Bianca ate New Zealand fish and chips and Laura and I ate chips.

One of the massive apartment buildings

On the 12th we went to Disneyland (the main reason we went to Hong Kong) and had a great day waking around. I think it’s pretty over rated for older people, but for kids it would be magical. There wasn’t much to do inside, not many rides and some were shut down, but we still managed to have a really nice day out. The next day we just spent relaxing at the hostel.

Disney Land

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